Skip bin hire Northbridge

Skip Bins for Residential & Commercial Needs

When it is time for cleaning your residential or commercial property, the work can be made easier by hiring a skip bin to dump all the refuse at your site and get it hauled away in one go. All Types of Rubbish is a well-known and long-standing skip bin hire and garbage removal service that can meet all your varying residential and commercial waste removal needs. We are a licensed and locally owned company that has, over the years, built a scalable garbage management operation to reduce the burdens of our communities.

With us, you get a highly professional and reliable 6 days a week, 24-hr garbage hauling service that takes care of your needs. We are methodical and fast and give you the speed and accessibility of an everyday local service. We can deliver the bin and pick up the filled bins on the same day, and we give you the shortest turnaround time and can schedule our visit according to your convenience. We are a well-trusted concern that regularly sees people through spring cleans, deceased estates cleaning, post-construction or landscaping clean-up, end-of-lease cleaning and more.


Northbridge’s Trusted Skip Bin Hire Service

We are a local concern that is popular in our hip and happening Northbridge area. We have seen our local communities flourish and change through the years and we have a developed understanding of our growing garbage management needs. In today’s quaint-yet-young Northbridge, All Types of Rubbish plays the important role of a well-established garbage disposal and bin hire service and we see our varied clients in the area through an array of regular cleaning needs.


With offices, schools, parks, a bustling downtown, and a business area interspersed with beautiful residential areas and buildings from the pretty Australian past, Northbridge is a quiet and facilitating neighbourhood that lies in close proximity to Sydney. It is one of the oldest North Sydney suburbs and has businesses and communities that offer a comfortable living situation. Our varied clientele includes everybody from builders and renovators who needs to haul out post-construction refuse and demolished debris, local businesses and residential complexes that have recurring massive garbage disposal needs, homeowners and small offices, governmental agencies, and more.


All Types of Rubbish is equipped to cater to all kinds of skip hire and waste disposal needs in and around Northbridge, be it commercial, industrial or residential. With us, you are sure to find several perfect service options to suit your varied and unique garbage dumping needs.



Filling Our Skip Bins

We bring you sturdy and compact skip bins in different sizes to support your heavy-volume garbage dumping needs. We have bins that can accommodate anywhere between 2 to 30 tonnes. You may dump general residential and office refuse, old furniture and objects made of metal, wood, paper or plastic, floral debris from gardening and yard cleaning jobs, construction debris, old furniture, and more. Our bins are designed to give you the highest level of accessibility and you may move them around in your yard without difficulties, to get your cleaning chores done your way.



What We Do Not Take in the Bins:

We have set certain restrictions on what could be dumped in our bins to ensure the safety of the handlers and to be mindful of our landfill usage. We do not accept liquid wastes and food scraps in our bins.

We also do not accept chemicals that are categorised as hazardous – any material containing asbestos, for instance, is not accepted in the general waste skip bins. If banned materials are found in a skip bin at a sorting station, the bin will be returned to be cleaned and a fine may be levied if such incidents occur.

Mattresses, tires, and tree stumps that are bigger than 150mm in diameter will incur a surcharge. Please get in touch with our friendly team to get your questions answered and learn what is accepted in our bins.

Also, fill the skip bins up to the rims only to avoid spillage in transport.


Flexible Options For Your Varied Needs

Being a long-standing concern that deals with an essential service, we at All Types of Rubbish know how waste disposal needs differ from person to person. We are committed to bringing the right support to each of our clients and have a very systematic and organised work method to allow you the highest level of personalisation. We keep the whole process hassle-free for you, and we give you the highest level of flexibility in terms of services.


If you have a need to remove garbage from your property, but do not need a bin to get your matters sorted, you may opt for a garbage haul-out service only and you may expect our garbage trucks to come to get your job sorted within no time. If you are planning a clean-up and need a bin, but do not need a garbage removal truck, you may opt to hire the bins only. We give you flexible pricing options, so you have to pay for the exact load only, rather than paying by bin size.


Call us ahead to discuss your garbage management needs to see what your best service options are.


The Perfect Bin for Your Job is Only a Call Away!

If you are looking for a garbage removal service or skip bin hire in the Northbridge area, the right support from ATR is only a call away. We run a punctual and fast service with swift workers who take the shortest time to get your bins and rubbish loaded and taken off your property. We are conscious of the environmental implications of our job and adopt ethical and green practices to make sure that we keep our operations scalable and as eco-supportive as possible.


We are experienced garbage specialists who can listen to your needs and give you an accurate and free estimate upfront. Contact our friendly to discuss your options and to book a service.