Skip Bin Hire Milsons Point

Skip Bin Hire Milsons Point

Milsons Point is one of the earliest occupied areas in Sydney. It is located about three kilometres from the Central Business District of Sydney and has a population of approximately 2100. It is a well-established suburb with a mix of residential as well as commercial areas. It is home to a few heritage places owing to its longstanding history.

All Types of Rubbish has been one of the leading skip hire companies in Milsons Point. We have been in the business since 1989 and have always strived to provide the most prompt and efficient skip bin hire services. We cater to skip hire requirements for residences as well as commercial establishments. We understand that customer service and the values we follow, matter just as much as the efficient removal of wastes and stand by it to provide a wholesome customer experience. We have built a strong foundation of trust with our clients based on our values, integrity, knowledge and experience.


Our Specialised Services

Rubbish removal is a universal job. Every industry creates rubbish and its removal and safe disposal become a necessity. At All Types of Rubbish, you get all types of rubbish removed. Read on to learn more.


General Public

A lot of waste can be created when you are renovating your home or office and this needs proper disposal. From cement slabs to wooden furniture and other items that may not be dumped into the everyday trash, may be trashed in the spacious skip bins from ATR. Be it renovations, relocations, spring cleaning or decluttering, we have skip bins for every type of residential and commercial requirement.



Commercial and industrial areas accumulate quite a bit of garbage like our very own CBD. Moreover, the types of wastes may not be the typical ones that can be thrown into one of the tableside dustbins. We need sizeable skip bins for such garbage. At ATR, we provide skip bins of various sizes to help you dispose of all types of wastes in various quantities.


Real Estate

Clearing out a home is essential before putting it back up for sale in the real estate market. Be it a rental property or an abandoned one, all you need to do is hire our skip bins and dump all unwanted items in them. We can drop off and pick up the bins just as you want them and save you the stress of safe disposal of the items.



A construction site is always full of debris and waste material. We provide the right-sized bins and the right number of bins for effective disposal of those wastes since accumulating them at the site is not even an option. Working closely with builders helps us understand their skip bin needs and cater to them.



Be it a local council, government department, public park or any public facility, waste generation is inevitable. Skip bins from ATR provide the right solution to such issues and can help clear out wastes in a timely and effective manner.


Deceased Estates

While disposing of the garbage from one’s own house is a challenge, clearing out the clutter from someone deceased is a massive hurdle. With ATR bins, you can simply throw all unwanted items into them and rest assured that the waste will be cleared off on time and disposed of safely.


 What We Take

Our skip bins are quite accommodative and you can feel free to fill them up with the following types of items:


  • Bricks and concrete
  • Soil and vegetation
  • Timber products
  • Glass
  • Plaster
  • Metal
  • Furniture
  • Paper and more such things


Items such as tyres, mattresses and tree stumps that measure more than 150mm in diameter can be disposed of at an additional charge. Furthermore, filling up the skip bin above the rim is not permitted for safety reasons.


 What We Do Not Take

Despite all that accommodativeness, we have some limitations. Here’s a list of things that we cannot take in our bins:


  1. Materials containing asbestos
  2. Food scraps
  3. Carpet rolls
  4. Liquid waste
  5. Chemical
  6. Hazardous materials


 Why Choose ATR?


Exceptional Customer Service

At ATR, we believe in providing more than just physically removing the rubbish. We provide exceptional customer service and a wholesome customer experience besides efficient clearing of rubbish.


24/7 Availability and Quick Turnaround

Our team is available round the clock and can arrive at your site to drop off or pick up the skip bin at any time of the day or night. We are known for our quick responses and same-day service too.


A Promise of Quality

While we are outstanding in our customer service, we are also unbeatable in the quality of our products. Our skip bins are of the best quality and come in a range of sizes to accommodate all types and quantities of rubbish.


Extended Hire

Our standard hire period is about seven days but if your bin isn’t filled and you need an extension of time, you may be granted an extension upon request.


Flexible Sizes

Skip bins at All Types of Rubbish are available in a wide variety of sizes. Since we cater to residential as well as commercial clients, we know that the rubbish disposal requirements would be different for each. Hence, we offer a range of sizes to meet the client’s requirements.


Multifaceted Services

All Types of Rubbish has several associated services besides skip bin hire. This helps us offer comprehensive solutions to all your requirements that go beyond skip bins.


 Efficient Bin Hire Services in Milsons Point

With the festive season around the corner, cleaning and decluttering might be on your mind. All Types of Rubbish is synonymous with effective and timely skip bin hire in Milsons Point and can be your perfect partner for your garbage disposal needs. Choose from our wide range of sturdy and sizeable skip bins to dispose of all types of rubbish.


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