Skip Bin Hire Kirribilli

Established in 1989, All Types of Rubbish provides the most reliable skip bin hire service in Kirribilli. We are uncompromising in our quality and punctuality, and focus all our services around complete customer satisfaction. Our longstanding presence in Kirribilli has helped us anticipate the rubbish disposal needs of the community and businesses in the area. This, in turn, enables us to proactively serve you with the right type of skip bins at the right time and at the right price.

Kirribilli, one of the oldest suburbs of Sydney, is located on the lower North Shore and is quite an affluent and established neighbourhood. Just three kilometres from Sydney’s Central Business District, Kirribilli has its share of residential, commercial and public spaces. ATR, with its substantial experience in skip bin hire in Kirribilli, can provide just what the clients want for their waste disposal needs.


Skip Hire – Kirribilli

All Types of Rubbish provides top-quality skip bin hire services in Kirribilli. We have bins in a range of sizes that can help you dispose of all kinds of waste, be it residential, commercial or industrial. If you are unable to choose a suitable skip bin for your requirement, speak to our experts and we can recommend the right one for you. We also deliver the bins and pick them up in a timely manner and make sure the entire process is cost-effective.


Skip Bins – For The Perfect Rubbish Disposal

ATR comes to your rescue with their skip bins whenever you have a skip bin requirement. Read on to know how we help across the various segments of the Kirribilli community.


General Public

Decluttering of homes, offices, shops and other such spaces requires skip bins just as for spring cleaning, renovations and relocations. With ATR, you get the right type of skip bins to ensure safe garbage disposal.



We also cater to large businesses with their garbage disposal needs. Our ample-sized bins can help you get rid of all types of waste from paper and metal to electronic junk and furniture.


Real Estate

Before placing a property back on the rental or resale market, real estate companies have to get all kinds of trash disposed of. Be it an abandoned property, a rental or a deceased estate, we can help you discard the debris safely.


Construction Sites

While dynamic development is quite a welcome thing, the waste by-products are not. Construction waste includes concrete slabs, bricks, wood, wood products, plaster, metal and the list goes on. For all construction waste disposal needs, ATR has a solution.


From public parks to landmarks, Kirribilli has several structures and spaces that are maintained by the local councils and other government departments. A skip bin hire is thus, a definite requisite and ATR a reliable partner.

Wastes That are Okay!

ATR bins come in various sizes and are quite suitable for several types of rubbish. Items like soil and vegetation, bricks and concrete, wood and timber products, plaster and paper, glass and metal, furniture and other general items can be disposed of safely with an ATR skip bin.


Wastes That are Not Okay!

Rubbish like food scraps, liquid wastes, carpet rolls, chemicals and hazardous materials, etc. are not ideal for ATR skip bins. Strictly no asbestos-containing materials can be loaded onto our skip bins. Mattresses, tyres and tree stumps of more than 150mm in diameter will be disposed of at an additional charge.


You may speak to our experts about the types of wastes that can be disposed of using our skip bins if you are not sure.


Why choose ATR?

There are several reasons to choose ATR over other skip bin hire services in Kirribilli. Here are a few.


Integrity and Experience

Our experience of more than 30 years helps us deliver the best services to our clients. Be it the quality of our skip bins or the timeliness of our service, we do not cut corners and maintain a considerable level of transparency.


Rapid Response

We have a 24-hour service available six days a week and can turn around to your calls on the same day. Be it delivering the skip bins or picking up the load, we are always on time.


Wide Range of Sizes

From humble 2-tonne bins to massive 10-tonne bins, our skip bins come in various sizes to suit your varied requirements.



When your skip bin loading is taking longer than expected, you may keep our bins at your site for as long as a week at no additional charge.


Flexible Pricing

With ATR skip bins, you have the advantage of flexible pricing and can avail yourself of the most cost-effective skip bin service in Kirribilli.


ATR Skip Bins – Kirribilli

Quick and efficient rubbish disposal is quite a possibility for Kirribilli’s businesses, commercial centres and residences with ATR’s cost-effective skip bins. From delivering the skip bins at your site to picking up the loaded ones, we focus on complete customer satisfaction and are flexible enough to accommodate the expectations of our clients. We adhere to all the safety guidelines for waste disposal and can assure you of the safe and timely disposal of your garbage.


If you have any further queries or would like to get a free quote, call us today!