ATR Waste Tips

Waste Advice

Waste types – If possible, keep separate recyclable materials. This can reduce the cost significantly. If there are only small amounts or a few different recyclable categories, it is more cost effective for you to leave as a mixed load of rubbish.

Asbestos – Never put asbestos containing material (ACM) in with other waste types. It will contaminate the load & be extremely expensive to dispose.

Wrapped & sealed – To be accepted at the tip, all asbestos containing material must be wetted prior to being wrapped or bagged in 200μm thick plastic & sealed. This is to ensure that no asbestos fibres can become airborne.

Mattresses – As mattresses are very difficult to recycle, they attract a large surcharge per mattress. This becomes quite expensive if you have an ensemble as each is considered a mattress. There are a number of ways to save on removal costs;

  • Sell or give it away on the web (ebay, gumtree etc).
  • Some councils may pick up for free
  • Dismantle or shred it yourself

Paint – Liquid paint attracts a charge based on the size of the tin. Make sure you empty the paint into other paint tins to fill them up. This reduces the number of tins you can be charged for. If you have a 4 litre can of paint the tip will charge you for 4 litres even if there is only 1 litre in it!

Chemicals – Most local councils have a free chemical collection depot for residents. Contact your local council for more details.