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To supplement our excellent truck rubbish removal service, All Types of Rubbish also offers a skip bin service that covers all of the Sydney metro area.

Sometimes, a skip bin hire can provide the most cost effective solution to your rubbish removal needs. Here are some advantages of using the All Types of Rubbish skip bin hire service:

  • Same Day Skip Bin Hire
  • Can be left at site for longer periods (usually around a week without additional charge)
  • Can be loaded over a period of time
  • Cost competitive for heavier loads
  • Has tailgates for easy loading or wheel barrow jobs (some bin sizes do not have gates)
  • Store the waste on site. Great for sensitive sites or high traffic areas
  • Skip Bin in Sydney
  • Sydney Skip Bins

Skip sizes & dimensions

Some bin dimensions may vary. Please contact our office if bin placement has restrictions

* Bin with a tailgate can be provided upon request

Mini 1.7 Metres 1.17 Metres 1.0 Metres 2.0 T
4 2.2 Metres 1.7 Metres 1.1 Metres 4.0 T
6* 2.8 Metres 1.8 Metres 1.6 Metres 6.0 T
9 4.0 Metres 1.7 Metres 1.6 Metres 9.0 T
10* 4.4 Metres 1.7 Metres 1.1 Metres 9.0 T

(only small amount of rubble accepted)

* Bin with a tailgate can be provided upon request

10* 5.4 Metres 2.4 Metres 0.93 Metres 10.0 T
13* 6.2 Metres 2.4 Metres 1.0 Metres 10.0 T
17* 6.2 Metres 2.4 Metres 1.4 Metres 8.0 T
27* 6.4 Metres 2.4 Metres 1.85 Metres 7.0 T
49* 6.86 Metres 2.5 Metres 2.9 Metres 7.0 T

All skip bins have a standard hire period of 7 Days

  • No liquids or food scraps
  • Mattresses, Tyres & Large tree stumps will incur an additional surcharge (contact the office for further information).
  • Please do not fill above the rim.

ATR has developed many long standing relationships with our clients over our 20+ years of operation due to our commitment to provide the highest standards of service. We would welcome the opportunity to add you as another satisfied customer