Asbestos Sampling & Analysis

Asbestos Sampling & Analysis

With many building products from the past containing asbestos, it can sometimes be difficult to identify asbestos containing material with certainty.

ATR is able to offer competitive sampling & inspection services (including creating an asbestos register) to identify the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACM). Depending on the availability of accurate information, there are 2 options for identifying ACM.

Firstly, the only certain way to determine if a product contains asbestos is to have a sample tested & analysed in an NATA accredited laboratory.

Another way to determine if asbestos is present in a home or workplace, is by having a competent person inspect the premises where they will look for several key factors to indicate the likelihood of asbestos being present. These main factors are:

  • The age of the structure – the vast majority of homes built from 1944 up to the 1970’s (up to 2/3 of all homes!) used asbestos building products.
  • The date of any renovations – manufacturing of building products containing asbestos were phased out during the 1980’s but surviving stock may have been used even into the 1990’s.
  • The product itself – some building products are known to contain asbestos & are easily & accurately identified.

By talking with one of consultants, we can recommend a suitable course of action.