Asbestos Pick-Up

Asbestos Pick-Up

Along with our other asbestos services, ATR also offers a pick up & disposal service for asbestos that has already been removed. There are 2 ways in which we can collect the asbestos waste

  • Unwrapped; or
  • Fully wrapped

If you or your contractor would like to prepare the asbestos for disposal, please ensure the asbestos is correctly bagged or wrapped for disposal. To correctly dispose of bonded asbestos it must be:

  • When asbestos is handled or removed it must be wetted/dampened to ensure the asbestos fibres cannot become airborne.
  • Double wrapped or bagged in 200μm (micron) thick plastic ensuring it is completely airtight & sealed (be cautious of sharp edges that can pierce the plastic).
  • Identified on each parcel/bag as asbestos & the associated risk to health
  • Wet the exterior of the plastic to suppress any fibres on the outside.
  • Be manageable for a 1 man lift (approx 20kgs)

If you prefer we take care of the wrapping, please ensure the asbestos is stabilised. This requires the asbestos to remain damp & completely covered in plastic to minimise the chance of the asbestos fibres becoming airborne.